Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Yappies ears

Human arrived late morning. She did the cleaning and asked me would I mind taking her out for a wee plod with Red and her human. Don't be silly human of course I don't mind. I'm just pleased you still want me to now you've got all enamoured with the boy. I don't want to be forgotten y'know.
I came in, human used that brush thing that helps get rid of winter fluff.
I got dressed, Red got dressed and off we set.
We had a super plod. Even if it did start to rain.
When we got back human had a phone call from the yappies vet Erica. The good news is she doesn't have cancer, she has something very rare Erica has never heard of. Some long unpronounceable name. So they are going to try some medication to see if that will clear it up, continuing with the pain relief. Only as a last resort will Erica chop her ears off. Just as well, she really isn't coping well after the surgery to do biopsies.
Tomorrow is vetting day for Bobs. The Grandfoal is going to stay tonight with human as they need to get up early.
Tomorrow I will have news for you one way or the other.......fingers x'd I get my toyboy.

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