Saturday, 8 April 2017

What a long day

Blimey it's been a long day today.
Bobs has been behaving himself since human left us yesterday. She set the spycam up to watch us. She now has 9million photos of us quietly grazing haha.
Today she showed up really really early. From the top of the field she could see one of us was lying down but couldn't tell who. It was Bobs.
Next she asked me to come in with her. Tom the toothy man was coming to do my teeth. Bobs is going to have to get used to being left for short periods of time. He shouted a bit and ran around a bit.
Human went straight back to get him after I arrived on the yard. He was quietly grazing when she got back.
She brought him in and we went in the school while waiting for Tom the toothy man.
I got my teeth done, went back in the school.
Human tied me up and set about grooming me. Bobs the sweet heart came and stood right next to me the whole time. I got perfume on, tootsies cleaned the works.
The it was Bobs turn. I went off to graze.
Human says I've been bossing him about. Well ok human you think that. I am just laying clearly defined boundaries. He needs to have respect for his elders don't you think?
Eventually we went and stood outside the stables to await Tom the hoofy man. We were there for ages. I snoozed. Bobs stood nicely. Tom the hoofy man was running late.
Bobs had his feet trimmed first. He was a good boy. Didn't bother at all. Then it was my turn. I didn't bother at all.
Laceys human offered to take me back to my field. Human brought Bobs.
It feels like forever since we left this field. See you tomorrow human. Do bring The Stallion with you.

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