Saturday, 15 April 2017

Well done Bobs

Goodness me human. Human was here early this morning. She asked Bobs to go to the yard with her which he did.
On the yard he got dressed and took human out for a very wee plod. Through the village and a wee way down the bridlepath then back to the yard in time for breakfast. He was a good boy. Didn't bother with any of the cars that passed him. Very well done Bobs.
He came back to the field and I went out to take human out for a wee plod. We didn't go very far either. We went with Red only to the bench and back. Then I got my breakfast.
Bobs previous human family have sent an email to human with lots of kisses being sent to Bobs. I think they miss him. I know he misses them but I'm here to look after him.
Back in the field we got some hay in the box. We do share nicely.

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