Sunday, 16 April 2017

That's what friends are for

Human and The Carrot Man Stallion arrived quite early today. They say it's going to rain and we all know what wimps humans are when it comes to a little bit of rain.
True to form The Stallion brought carrots.
Human put breakfast in buckets, hay in the box. Bobs went in the little square to eat his breakfast, I had mine in the big field.
When Bobs and I had finished eating Bobs came back in the big field and we went to munch on the hay.
We had a nice cuddle and groom together while human went off doing the jobs. That's what friends are for.
The Carrot Man Stallion shared the rest of the carrots between us before they went on their merry way.
It was a busy night last night for the badgers. 3 of them came to visit. The girl one has babies somewhere, we can see she is lactating. I do hope they bring the babies soon.


  1. Awwww, the like each other. I've only witnessed mutual grooming once with the Mini's, on their first day together. Badgers in the field, is that a good or bad thing? Pretty awesome I'd think.

    1. It's very rare to see a live badger in the flesh. I had no idea they were there until I got the spycam. They are a protected species in the UK. I adore seeing them.