Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Human was late today but she brought The Grandfoal with her. The Grandfoal has bought Bobs a new headcollar. It's very pretty. Where's mine huh? What do I get?
Bobs decided he didn't want to go to the yard. He gave The Grandfoal and human the runaround. I must admit to enjoying watching them trying to catch him. Eventually human outsmarted him. I came in with him and we all walked together down the village to the yard.
Bobs got dressed and The Grandfoal took him in the school They had a nice time. Then it was my turn to get dressed. The Grandfoal got me dressed and asked me if I would mind taking her out for a wee (not so ploddy) plod. Oh my word. Bobs didn't like that. Full on tantrum. All four hooves off the floor.
I was worrying about him so kept trying to tell The Grandfoal could we go back and check on him. She said human was there and it would be fine. The Grandfoal said I was being argumentative.......erm excuse me you're the one arguing with me Grandfoal.
As I was being (pah) so argumentative we went in the field. There were some young humans walking their dog we didn't mow them down although it was tempting.
Eventually The Grandfoal decided we could go back for Bobs.
I got washed down as I was a bit hot and got my lunch.
We all walked back to the field together where calm returned once we were safely back in the field.
Human and The Grandfoal did the jobs before heading off home.


  1. Grandfoal apparently has become a good little rider. Well done

    1. Hmm 2 riding ponies and human still doesn't get to ride hahaha

  2. "you're the one arguing with ME!" LOL

    1. Well The Grandfoal wasn't listening to me. ;)