Friday, 14 April 2017


It's a day today when The Stallion (Bobs calls him carrot man) doesn't have to go to work. Usually he would be here bringing us carrots or mints. Human said he can't come today because he's hurt his back. He did still send carrots though. We love The carrot Stallion man.
Human arrived and I came in with her. It was starting to rain so I was a bit surprised. Human said we have to keep leaving him so he gets to understand I will be back.
I didn't have to work. Human just gave me my breakfast and we walked back.
Bobs then went off to the yard for breakfast. He's only got a rug on when he comes back. Human claims it's because he's been shaved and he's not used to living out in all weathers like I am. Alright human I'll let you off that one.
Human brought us some hay. I let Bobs share it with me out of the hay box that The carrot Stallion made me.
Human did the cleaning and chopped some of the nettles down for us.
Maybe I can get human out for a wee plod tomorrow. I do hope so.


  1. Sharing! That'd be a unique concept for Merlin & Pippin lol

    1. I was amazed. Zoe has surprised me.