Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Saddle check time

Human was late today. She told me yesterday that The Grandfoal was coming. Human lied. No Grandfoal appeared.
It's that time of year when I get my saddle checked over.
Human took Bobs in first, left him in my room while she came back for me.
When we got on the yard, I went in the school for a groom. Oh my word Bobs what are you doing and more importantly why? Silly boy had got himself worked up over nothing. For goodness sake boy you have spent the winter in your room so why get so silly when in mine?
He was all sweated up and in a right pickle.
He calmed down when he saw me.
Theresa the saddle lady came and checked Bobs saddle first. His fitted fine, just needed a little tweak where the stuffing had gone a little flat.
Then it was my turn. Mine too was fine and needed a little tweak.
We then got our breakfast and stood quietly while human had a cuppa.
Bobs then went back to the field first, I waited in my room for human to come back for me.
Back in the field we both went to munch the hay human put out.
Perhaps tomorrow human we can go for a wee plod?
The Grandfoal never did appear.

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