Wednesday, 19 April 2017

It's official Bobs gets superstar status

Today human arrived quite late. She had been to the little animal vet with the four legged rat catcher. Her thyroid levels are now an acceptable level so she is good to have surgery on Monday. Hopefully this will be the end of it all.
Human took Bobs down to the yard leaving me with a big box of hay. Mmmm yummy.
They decided to go out for a wee plod. The first wee plod Bobs has taken human on solo. He passed his solo plod badge with more than flying colours. He is officially of superstar status now.
I'll explain. As they were plodding up the village human could hear another human shouting and gesticulating. She was shouting, "I've got your keys". Human just thought she had dropped her keys. Not the first time. Only the woman wasn't. She was shouting, "there's lots of bees". What human thought was a cloud of flying ants turned out to be bees swarming in the village. By the time they realised it was too late to do anything but keep going. Bobs never flinched at all even with all those buzzy things flying round his head. Nope he kept his cool and just walked on as if it were nothing. Hence his superstar status.


They got to the bridlepath and met a couple of cyclists, then a dog walker with two noisy dogs who have never met a horse before. Bobs ignored them all.
Human thought he might argue at going past our field as I was in there eating all the hay. But nope. He kept on going like the trooper he is.
They didn't go far and soon turned round heading for home.
Once home he got his breakfast before coming back to the field. Then it was my turn to go to the yard.  I didn't have to work though. I just got brushed and had my breakfast before coming back.
We have spied human putting up more fencing. We think she is intending on giving us more grass. Oh I do hope so. Much as I like the hay that spring grass is something else.

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