Thursday, 20 April 2017


Human arrived early again today. She brought hay with her and my breakfast. Bobs is so eager to go out down to the yard now. Nothing to do with all the yummy salad at the salad bar I'm sure.
I stayed in the field munching.
On the yard the girls had been in for a pedicure. The two little ones were due to go back to their field. Well Bobs didn't think much of that. He did his tantrum thing again. He told me he just wanted to meet the girls and was cross they were going without introducing themselves. Silly boy.
Human got Bobs dressed and off they set. The gate was shut. Human is so used to me opening the gates for her she forgot Bobs doesn't know her ways. They worked it out between themselves eventually.
A while later I heard Bobs and human coming down the bridlepath. I shouted hi, he shouted back. Ebs and Diddy joined in with the shouting, then blow me the boys from across the way started. So much for a peaceful morning munch.
Bobs and human went plodding down the track a bit further than yesterday. They were soon on their way back.

Back on the yard he got his breakfast, human had the essential cuppa with Reds human. Bobs got bored so decided to have a wee snooze while waiting patiently for human. He's such a good boy looking after my human and her quirks for me.
Soon enough Bobs and human appeared in the field. First thing he did was check out how much hay I had left for him.
Human decided to clean out our trough. There she was crouching down doing the cleaning when Bobs thought he could help. Help by nudging human with his nose so she fell over, honestly I wasn't laughing at his antics. Ok I lied I found it hilarious. Human saw the funny side. She does call him a hooligan though. A handsome, adorable, lovable hooligan.

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