Friday, 7 April 2017

He's here and a bizarre coincidence

I thought he would never get here. Human picked him up early this morning then he never arrived in the field. What on earth were they playing at? Drooling over him on the yard is the answer.
Human had made a paddock so we would be separated by some trick fencing.
He turns up. My he is a handsome creature. More handsome in real life than photos.
He trots, well almost floats, over to me and we have a natter over the fence. We wander off to eat. The humans watch us for a while before deciding we could try and see how we got on together.
They opened the gate, Bobs one side me the other. We ignored each other for a while, well there was grass to eat for goodness sake.
Priorities human priorities.
Eventually he wanders over to say hi. I say hi. Oh look there's grass over there. That was pretty much it. After that we just get on with the important job of eating. No drama, no squealing just eating.
He's mine all mine. I don't have to share him with anyone and I never have to be alone again. I am no longer dependant on other humans and their horses moving in next door. What a great day.
Tomorrow is a busy day. Tom the toothy man in the morning. Tom the hoofy man in the afternoon.

Been chatting to Bobs as you do. Discovered a bizarre coincidence. My last foal Nugget and Bobs were both born on the same day. 6/6/2005


  1. This is so exciting. Humans are alright but they come and go, much better to have someone reliable about all the time. Handsome too.

    1. Isn't he just lovely. The Grandfoal is fed up as she has gone away with her mum and won't be back to play until Weds.

  2. Oooooooo, so exciting. Doing a happy dance for all of you 🎉💃

    1. You can probably see humans grin from all the way across the pond. I do hope she doesn't start dancing it really isn't pretty.