Thursday, 13 April 2017

Happy Birthday The Grandfoal

Human arrived this morning. I came in with her. Just as we almost got to the yard we spotted Young C. Not seen her for a while.
She came on the yard with us and I got dressed. Human asked Young C if she wanted to ride. Her face lit up, silly question human of course she does.
She popped on and we went round the village .... twice. Goodness that foal can talk, she never stops.
When we got back Young C brought me my breakfast complete with a couple of carrots. Yum
I went back to the field. We saw Mike one of the villagers who said Bobs has been very quiet today. That's good he's getting the idea that I'm only going to be gone for a short while.
Then it was Bobs turn to come in. He shouted once as he left me then I never heard him again. Human said he called out once from the yard. He walked through the village quietly like a pro. Clearly he is starting to understand this is what happens here.
He got dressed and Young C went home. She wasn't happy that human insisted she keep her helmet on while on the yard as she doesn't know Bobs very well yet, unlike me.
Human got on Bobs and they went in the school. He was a good boy again. Human says he leg yields like a dream. Go Bobby.
When they'd finished he got tied up by the stables and had his breakfast. He stood quietly and nicely while human had a cuppa before returning to me in the field.
We were really pleased to see each other and gave each other a little groom.
It's The Grandfoals birthday today. She is now 15. Wow doesn't seem long since she was that little tot in my heading picture. She doesn't remember a time without me.


  1. FIFTEEN! Wow, making me feel old! Happiest of birthdays to her!

    1. Human says she's not old enough to have a 15yr Grandfoal which is silly cos she's got one.