Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Great news

Hurrah Bobs passed the vetting. He is arriving Fri morning. I can't wait.
I do hope he likes me. I hope he likes older girls. Oh I feel like a wee young filly again.
Human and The Grandfoal are all excited but he's mine all mine.
The Grandfoal took me in the school today for a bit of training. Me training The Grandfoal you understand. Then we went for a quick wee (not so ploddy) plod. I hope The Grandfoal doesn't forget me when Bobs arrives. She won't will she?


  1. That's wonderful news. And not to worry Grandfoals never forget their first love. Lincoln while young still talks about Camryn. Sigh

    1. oooh thankyou for the reassurance. I hope he will go in front when we go out together.