Friday, 21 April 2017

Bobs got conned

Nasty stabbing vets. Well ok this vet was called Kit, human said he looked about 12yrs old. Ha does that mean not ancient like yourself human? He was actually very nice. Introduced himself nicely before stabbing me. He was so quick I didn't realise he had done it until he was packing his stuff away. Then it was on to Bobs. Again Kit was super quick and poof Bobs was done.
Human took Bobs back to the field first. She had a bit of a brain freeze moment.
Our bit of field is the bottom of the field. Human for some reason even she doesn't know took Bobs headcollar off as soon as they got in the big field. Oops. It's full of lovely luscious green grass. Well Bobs took full advantage of this and took off munching as he went. He decided against being caught by human to go in the restricted bit.
Human outsmarted him she rattled a feed bucket and silly boy fell for her lies. Bobs mate you got conned. It only had an old headcollar in there. Silly silly novice mistake Bobs. I'll have to teach you.
Then it was my turn to go out. Human didn't make the same mistake twice.
Bobs isn't scared of the bird scarer flappy bits by our trough. Sadly this year neither are the birds.


  1. I was curious about what all the "party decorations" we're lol

    1. The horrid birds sit on the edge and poo in the water