Monday, 10 April 2017

Bobs gets working

This was Bobs yesterday. He was not happy with me going to the stables and leaving him behind.

Human turned up really early today. I came in with her leaving Bobs in the field. He was ok today unlike yesterday. He just shouted a bit. By the time we had got to the gate he was settled.
I walked with human to the yard. I got brushed and dressed. Oh yes she still loves me.
I took human out for a quick wee plod. We went past our field, Bobs shouted hi and ran about a little bit. But he couldn't come with us. Not this time.
We didn't go far, on the way back he shouted again asking when I was coming back. Very soon mate, very soon.
Back on the yard I got my breakfast to eat in peace before walking back with human.
Then it was Bobs turn to go out. He was walking with human quite nicely today. I could hear him shouting to me all the way to the yard. Not sure the villagers will be too impressed. Noisy boy.
When he got back he told me human had got him dressed and asked him to go in the school. He didn't understand she wanted him to help close the gate like I do. So they left it open.
Human wasn't on board long. The saddle he has come with makes loud creaking noises all the time.
Off got human. Put some perfume on Bobs. He didn't mind too much today and he let her brush his forelock today without a fuss. Well done Bobs.
He walked back through the village, shouting all the way just in his headcollar today. First time without a bridle on. Good boy Bobs.


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