Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The world is a sadder place tonight

Today the world has lost a wonderful woman. And what a wonderful woman she was. The Stallions mum very sadly passed away today. I haven't seen human for a couple of days but I don't mind. The Stallions mum passed away with all her family around her this morning.
She was born in Sept 1929 in the east end of London. WWII broke out when she was a young girl. She didn't want to be evacuated to the country and lived through the blitz. She came very very close to losing her life when the house next door got bombed and the family died.
She met her future husband when she was 14 at a youth club, he used to hide her bicycle so he could walk her home.
Eventually she got married and had 3 children. She had a wonderfully happy marriage, but sadly she lost her husband 16yrs ago.
She was the most amazing lady and yes she was a lady. Very proper. Never raised her voice. Always neat and very smart. Human could take a leaf out of her book in the looking tidy issue.
She came to see me once a long time ago. She always asked human about me whenever she saw human.
The last words she spoke to YMF were, "Thank you for being so kind". The hands are The Stallion and his mum. Her name was Jean by the way.
The humans will miss her dreadfully.


  1. Terribly sorry for your loss. Heard to remember in the grief that follows, truly in a better place now.

    1. Before human got the ZoeCam she used to take photos when out on me for this lady to see and pretend she was out riding. Then we got the ZoeCam for her.