Saturday, 25 March 2017


Yep sunshine, that amazing thing that like myself lifts human spirits.
Human arrived early and asked me to come in with her. No Grandfoals with her today. I got brushed then rather unceremoniously dumped in the school Haha I had the last laugh there is lots of grass in there. Human had a cuppa with other humans.
She came and got me. Poor Lacey was having her hair washed. She wasn't impressed. I got dressed and left them to it while I took human out for a grand wee plod.
We passed young Maisie, isn't she just the cutest dog. I've known her since she was a wee pup. It's great seeing her growing up.
A quick trip before turning round and bringing human back for yep to have another cuppa while I went in the school again before having breakfast.
We went back to the field, human did the cleaning then went off home to find The lovely Stallion.


  1. I've yet to meet a Bedlington outside the show ring. I think they're pretty uncommon here as pets.

    1. Human always wanted one, her uncle lived in Bedlington.