Thursday, 23 March 2017

High Standards

I'm seriously not impressed. I mean come on human.
What has human done now? I hear you all ask,
She's sectioned me off on a teeny tiny bit of field because the grass is growing. Yes human it's spring and I love that juicy sweet grass. She's just mean mean mean. It was quite fun watching her battling with the trick tape in the high winds.
She has spent her time today cleaning out my big trough and putting in the little trough for me so I can at least get some water.
Do you know she went off WITHOUT doing the cleaning. Come on human I have high standards that I expect you to adhere to.


  1. Hmmmmm, you've got me wondering about the Mini's and grass now. This is the first time I've allowed pasture access thruout winter. Plan is to keep it mowed so they don't become footstools. Hope that's enough.

    1. Yep that time of year again.