Sunday, 12 March 2017

Great wee plod with friends

Looks like The Stallions mother is not going to be here much longer. She is very very poorly. Human and The Stallion went to visit her yesterday and didn't see me at all. It's ok folks don't worry YMF and the mini Grandfoals came and saw to my needs.
Tomorrow human is going away on a mini holiday with The Stallion I'm borrowing Lacy and Tiara's human for a few days.
So this morning human obviously isn't feeling too great and I am a great emotional healer. She asked if I could take her out for a wee plod.
When I got to the yard Lacy and Red were there. Oh yes we are going for a wee plod with friends. The other girls had been wearing rugs so were pristinely clean. I resembled a grubby bog pony, they never said anything but I felt rather aware of how grubby I was. I'm too old to care though.  
We had a lovely quiet plod, the weather was great. I was having a lovely time just mooching along. That young wee whippersnapper Lacey Mae kept stopping and telling me to hurry up. I'm nearly 20 years older than you young lady just remember that please. Be kind to old ladies huh? I'm now officially on holiday and I have all this grass.
When I got back to my field YES YES YES human had only gone and opened up the last bit of grass for me. I love grass.

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