Friday, 24 March 2017

A momentous occasion

There I was on this lovely sunny Friday busy munching away at the grass when I heard a little voice. I know that voice my little Grandfoal Lola. She always brings me carrots. My head shot up and I ran up the field. Yep sure enough she came through the gate with human and The Stallion.
Is that carrots I spy in your hand NG Lola? What? a banana as well. Oh go on then spoil me.
NG Lola put my breakfast in my bowl with some salad she had picked on the way. Human brought it down to me while NG Lola brought the goodies.
Human did the cleaning, NG Lola went with The Stallion looking at interesting stuff like mushrooms. I followed NG Lola and The Stallion about while they looked.
The Stallion asked NG Lola if she wanted to have a little ride on me. I held my breath waiting for her reply, in the past she has always said no....... oh my word she said yes. I finally did it. I've been trying for ages to see if she'll let me take her for a wee plod.
Human grabbed my headcollar, The Stallion grabbed some baling twine and popped my wee Grandfoal on for her first ever ride on a pony. I had to be super careful not to frighten her. Human said I was being a little too careful and I could actually walk, cos I kept stopping.
We walked all the way round the field. We stopped to pose for a photo before my Grandfoal hopped off.
They sent the photo to YMF as it was such a special occasion. So not only did NG Lola have her first ride today she also rode bareback. Impressive well done young Grandfoal Lola.
Off they went. Grandfoal Lola wanted to put some nuts out for the badgers. She collected lots of feathers that were just lying around in my field to take home with her.
Do come again, bring carrots and I'll take you for a proper ride next time with my saddle on.


  1. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 bravo, a very auspicious day

    1. Indeed a great day. I'm looking forward to many more. I do love the Grandfoals. x