Thursday, 30 March 2017

A Boy Pony

Well that one didn't work out. My friend's human declined my humans offer to have Ebs. However on Saturday human is off to see not only another pony but a Dales pony, not only a Dales pony but we both have the same grandpa, not only a Dales with the same grandpa but a BOY.
Everyone please keep all your hooves x'd it works out. He is such a handsome boy. I so hope I can have him here to live with me.
The four legged rat catcher is not well again and needs surgery again. One of the yappies is not well again, has had biopsies today and isn't happy about that at all. If the results are not good yappie will be having surgery as well. So the news that human can go visit this boy was very welcome for human.


  1. Yes, we humans do need to offset worries with things to brighten us. Right now, mines been chocolate, yummy but, not good idea. Good vibes for the pony friend, and healing ones for rat catcher. We do love our rat catchers lol

    1. In my life food is always welcome.