Monday, 20 February 2017

This mornings field visitor

More visitors. SpyCam has been busy. Human missed seeing Sammy Stoat by just 2 mins. He's like lightening. The Vid has him at full speed and slowed down.

Human was quite early this morning. She did the jobs and I came in with her. Little did she know at that point what was on the SpyCam. I got dressed and waited for my friend Red.
We went for quite a long plod today. We did only plod, the humans thought we ought to take it slow as we've not done a great deal lately. Red and I had other ideas. But no humans said take it easy girls.
When we got back I had a nice breakfast outside handsome Storms room. We stood around chatting for a bit then I went back to my field.
Hoping for same again tomorrow.


  1. A Stoat! Is that some sort of weasel? You've gotten me wondering what goes on in our field now!

    1. Yes a Stoat is a larger version of a weasel. It's fascinating for human to see who visits my field.