Monday, 13 February 2017

Happy Grandfoal day

Well now it's been a lovely day today both weather wise and Grandfoal wise. ALL 3 of my Grandfoals came to see me today.

Human has had them all. All day. First they went to the farm and played sheepies. #5 is the sheep The Grandfoal got for her 12th birthday. Filis. The lamb is the one Filis had this year. She did have twins but one died.
Then they all came to see me. I had Grandfoals everywhere, One sorting out my breakfast, another giving me carrots and another with a bit of help from human putting hay in my box.
It gets better. Human and colt Granfoal did the cleaning while The Grandfoal and NG Lola took me to the yard and brushed me.
It just keeps getting better. Tomorrow The Grandfoal is coming to take me out for a wee plod. Only we don't plod when I have The Grandfoal on board. Not like when I have human up there. The Grandfoal and I go supersonic speed. It's great. I can really let my mane fly.

Now to anti crow device mkII. Hmm well it kept the crows off the nuts. The woodmice soon found a way under it to find nuts and as for Mr Badger........well he just didn't seem interested. I'm guessing that at this time of year with how wet it's been he's been able to find lots of yummy worms to eat.

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