Thursday, 2 February 2017

Happy endings

Well well well, fun goings on. This morning Laceys human sent my human a link to an advert for someone looking for a horse they sold 7 years ago. She had been sold on again since then.
It's only my friend Red. Her current human has contacted her old human and they are busy swapping stories and pictures. Red will stay with her current human for the rest of her life, she is 20 this year. Her old human was so pleased to know she is happy and loved.
I do love a happy ending.

It's raining yet again today. So no taking human out.
Young Diddy was showing his moves. Ok he was just cross that Red had gone out the field and left him behind. So I thought ok, you might be a young whippersnapper Dids and I'm an old gal but let me show you MY moves. Human was astounded how high I can get my back legs up.
Human is nowhere near as flexible as me.

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