Wednesday, 25 January 2017


I know I know I'm sorry. I haven't been blogging because I haven't done anything. Rarely been out of my field. Not taken human out at all. **sigh**
I've just been in my field, a-munching grass and hay.
We have been having some lovely sunrises here just lately.
I've not lost any weight, however human has put weight on and has gone over what she thinks is a sensible weight for me to carry. I could carry her easily I'm sure. Us Dales are good weight carriers, we are strong and hardy, in fact we are just perfect. However human has decided so that's it until she drops a few lbs.
Lots of wildlife activity in my field. A pair of foxes a very muscly dog fox and his vixen are visiting regularly. Winston is still seen often at the bird cafĂ©. Badger is around a few times a week.
This week a lovely Tawney owl was posing for the camera sitting on one of the trick fence posts. And the cheeky squirrel is still getting the nuts meant for the birds. It's now discovered it can knock the feeder onto the ground and get the nuts much easier that way.

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