Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hay vs winter grass

Oh dear. I think I've made a big mistake. Human arrived to see this

 I knew I should have eaten it before she arrived. She's not put any hay out for a couple of days. I have so much grass, I mean really who wants hay when there is grass? Seriously?
She scooped it all up and put it back in my hay box. I watched from the safety of my field where the grass is.


She faffed about a bit, did the cleaning, gave me breakfast with a banana to follow. Mmmm yum.

The Stallion and all the human foals have gone away this weekend. Human stayed to look after me, the three wolves and the three four legged rat catchers. This involved some careful planning and juggling of wolves. Human has two elderly wolves and YMF has one young very large bouncy wolf. Not a good mix. However apart from being woken up by YMF's wolf Molly at 3am when Molly decided it would be a good time to get human to play with her by chucking her toys at humans head, all went well. All wolves and rat catchers survived. 

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