Saturday, 28 January 2017


Well everyone meet Jay. Jay this is the world outside of the field. Human has never seen a Jay before. Pretty isn't he.
I think human said that brings the total so far of bird species spotted in the field to 27.
Human arrived and did the jobs. Oops I forgot to eat all my hay again, so human didn't give me anymore. I must remember to eat it all.

We have a new girl arriving today. She is very
very pretty. She has come from a rescue centre where she's been living for the last 2 years. She was in a bad way when she went there. Her job here will be to keep the big girls company so that the humans don't have to wait until they are both here to go out plodding. She, sorry must call her by her proper name Tiara, has won the horse equivalent of the lottery. She will have a lovely life here with the big girls, the humans are very knowledgeable and caring. The big girls will enjoy having a new little sister.
Human seems to have dropped those few extra lbs she put on, she says we can get back to going out plodding next week.


  1. Our Jays are different here. All over bright blue with a crest on the head. Very bold birds. Tiara is so pretty and what a kind eye she has. I have some extra fluff myself, chocolate is the frenemy.

    1. Human prefers the term personal biodegradeable insulation. xx Our Jays are apparently very shy rarely seen. Hence human has never seen one before.