Tuesday, 31 January 2017

I was wrong

I was wrong, not often that happens but today I was.
Human was early today. She did the jobs and in I came with her. Oh yes we are going for a plod. I stood nicely while I got brushed and dressed. We were just about to go when it started raining. Very heavily. The noise on the stable roof was incredible.
That's the end of going out today I thought. But I was wrong for a change. It was non fair weather human with me today.
The rain eased off slightly so off we set. Human got very wet and very cold, so we didn't go too far. Plus human hasn't ridden in nearly a month so I had to take it carefully with her.
We turned round by the bird box (which isn't there anymore and hasn't been for several years!)
When we got back I had my breakfast, human couldn't have a cuppa 'cos she had forgotten her key to the tea room. She sat with me while I ate. Then we both went back to the field.
Human left me with a big swede that The Stallion had got for me before she headed off to do all the other things she has to do today.
It was good to see her looking so cheerful as she went. Taking her out certainly lifts her spirits.

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