Tuesday, 3 January 2017

First Plod of the year

Human was very late today. I was beginning to think she had forgotten about me. But no. She duly arrived.
She did the cleaning and we set about coming in to the yard. Bit late for a plod but you're the boss human (at least I let you think you are).
We went for a quick plod down the bridleway but the light was fading fast. Back home and I went in the school for a munch while human went for a cuppa.
She was gone ages.
Ok so I'm getting to spend the night in my room for a change. Best leave me plenty to eat human. Don't want to starve overnight.
Seems Tom the hoofyman is coming tomorrow. In the winter I spend the night before he comes in my room so my little hooflets are nice and clean and dry for him to work on. I don't mind, for Tom anything.
Human has set up the spycam in my room. Hmmmm interesting.

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