Friday, 13 January 2017


Great news Ebs isn't in foal. Phew. I was worried for a while, just as I get used to a new neighbour they move. Now she doesn't have to.
Human came quite late today with NG Lola. Lola brings carrots. I love Lola. She brought me lunch and hay as well. These Grandfoals are fantastic.
I need her to train human to bring carrots everytime she comes.
We had white stuff fall out the sky this morning. It didn't stay around long. When human and Lola came it was still cold (for humans). Lola was really cold so human tucked her up on the seat wrapped in humans big jacket.
Human made the decision to leave the cleaning until tomorrow. Getting Lola home out of the cold was the priority. I don't mind. I had food the cleaning can wait. For my Grandfoals anything goes.

Check out this cheeky young squirrel pinching the birds peanuts.

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