Monday, 19 December 2016


I know I know, I've been busy y'know. I've been taking human out and about. Looking after NG Lola again and playing hunt the carrot with The Stallion and NG Lola.

Today human turned up later than usual. She did the cleaning, sighed at the state of the new horses next door field and got me some hay to munch while I was waiting for her.
I came in with human. She went off to have tea and sympathy with Reds human while I munched the grass down in the school.
Then it was on with the tack and the human. Off we set. We went all the way to the end of the bridlepath. On the way home we met Roger the parish councillor for rights of way in our village. He waited with his dogs while we went past. Human said we will put a bit of distance between us and asked me to go faster. Apparantly not that fast. Silly wimpy human.
We got to the bench. Human thought it would be good to ask me to speed up a bit while we went up the hill. Ok so maybe she isn't such a wimp after all..........oh sorry my mistake yes she is. Bring back The Grandfoal she isn't afraid of a bit of speed.

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