Monday, 5 December 2016

Welcome back Winston

It's been a bit chilly here just lately. We've not seen Winston since the weather got cold. But yesterday SpyCam found him. Human was so pleased to see Winston still visiting. The bird café has had to be adjusted to try and stop the rats from eating everything meant for the birds.

The new human with the lovely two ponies next to me is not working out. She has been asked to leave.

Today yet again they didn't have any water. Their fence was down yet again. One of the dog walkers contacted human to tell her.

Human asked me to come in with her. Said she really needed me to take her out for a plod. So I did. We followed the footpath man and his dogs down the bridlepath. He seemed very nervous of me behind him. He kept looking over his shoulder. Like I'm going to do anything, silly man.

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