Saturday, 10 December 2016

Weirdo in my field

Yesterday I had the greatest pleasure of my two youngest Grandfoals coming to visit me. The Colt
Foal Kyle slept the whole time in his wheelie thing. However NG Lola the young filly foal came armed with a whole bag of carrots. We had a great game of hunt the carrot. NG Lola threw them all round my field and I had to hunt them down. I got them all.
NG Lola then played find the poo. She would find my droppings and human would pick them up to dispose of them. I say dispose but actually she just stores them ready to be used in the vegetable garden in the spring.

Today I had a weirdo in my field. Pulling faces at the SpyCam.

It's ok folks it was just The Stallion. He came to visit me. So pleased he hasn't forgotten about me. He brought apples. I do like it when visitors bring me gifts. He told me The Grandfoal is staying over tonight so I am so hoping she comes to see me tomorrow. I've not seen her for months. I do miss her and would so love to take her for a wee plod, not that we plod anywhere The Grandfoal and I. She isn't like human, The Grandfoal likes to go super fast.

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