Saturday, 24 December 2016

Phew drama drama drama

Human was in her car about to start the engine when her phone rang. A number she didn't recognise. She answered it anyway. Thank goodness she did.
It was a dog walker who had found the old boy Rob down in the field, he thought Rob wasn't well as he couldn't get up and was groaning.  Human drove rather faster than she usually does and got to the field in record time.
Sure enough she found Rob in some distress unable to get back up. So she had to make that phone call that all horse owners dread to his human.
He was lying with the end of a branch right on his spine, so knowing one of the other owners is usually on the yard early on a Saturday she rang this human. This human and her Stallion along with another human and her Stallion all came to the field. One of the Stallions brandishing a saw to remove the branch.
Rob had a couple of goes at getting up and couldn't make it. Then he managed to get sat up like a dog. His legs were all wrong but eventually he got up. Just as his human entered the field. It was like, uh oh the humans here can't lie around all day. He was very stiff but managed to get to his hay where he started eating like he was starving.
We were all so pleased. When human got home she checked the SpyCam. He hadn't been down too long about 2hrs in total. She sent a big heartfelt text to the dog walker for alerting them of a problem. Without that phone call poor Robs could have been in trouble.
So next time human you start moaning about the walkers, just remember Rob.


  1. Wow, so glad the dog walker called!

    1. Me too. Today his human said she didn't sleep well last night, she had to stop herself from driving out to the field in the middle of the night. He is fine this morning, back to his normal self.