Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Human was early today. Young Diddy has been exploring the field. He's supposed to stay within the confines of his fencing with Ebony so that some grass gets saved to see him through the winter.
He's taken a liking to my friend Red. When human arrived he was lying down with Red the other side of the fencing standing over him looking all maternal. It was rather cute.
Human text his owner, she replied but hadn't arrived by lunchtime. **sigh**

I took human out for a quick wee plod. It was lovely today. Not cold or foggy or wet or windy. All weathers human dislikes.
When we got back I had some breakfast with another banana The Stallion sent me. Yum.

Human went off to see to Molly dog. Her training is coming along nicely......most of the time. She's still a baby, so time yet for her to grow up and settle down a bit.

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