Monday, 12 December 2016

Jumped sideways

Well well well, The Grandfoal did turn up yesterday with The Stallion and human. She wasn't here long however she did have both breakfast and apples for me. She says she's coming next weekend to let me take her out.
Today human turned up early. I took her out for a wee plod. We went quite away into the next village and past where the 2 old sheepsies live. Oh no their hut was empty and their field was empty and there was no bedding in their hut. I wonder where they are. I have my suspicions I do hope I'm wrong.
Human said I was being a lala head today. Just 'cos a dog in a truck caught me unaware and I might have jumped sideways a bit, oh and two men walked out of the pond field and looked rather odd so I might have jumped sideways a bit, oh and a man with a van happened to open the van door as I walked past and I might have jumped sideways a bit. Honestly human I'm not a machine I do react to things that take me by surprise y'know.
When we got back I had breakfast while human had a cuppa then we went back to my field. Same again tomorrow human?

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