Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Human arrived very early this morning. She did the cleaning and I came in with her. It was a bit misty out but even so human asked me to take her out for a wee plod.
I got dressed and off we set. Oh heck the fog descended so quick. By the time we were at the bottom of the bridlepath it was really thick and we, well human, could barely see where we were going.
For some strange reason every dog walker in the world was out this morning.
Even so we had a pleasant wee plod.
When we got back human got a message saying the new person had finally replied to the messages, the one about she had to leave seems to have prompted a response and she was going to be here early this morning. As it was now almost midday her idea of early and mine are somewhat different.
Back on the yard and she turns up with a pathetic excuse of why she hasn't been down, totally
unbelievable. She then proceeded to say she had been every day feeding and watering the ponies. Liar liar pants on fire. Human called her out about that then human had to leave as she was getting so angry.
I went back to my field to find a nice banana waiting for me.......thanks Stallion.

The photos are from the SpyCam just 16 minutes apart. That fog sure came down quick

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