Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Sorry to tell you human

Sorry to tell you human but you didn't need to get up at silly o'clock to remove the fencing from the neighbours field so I could get to my BFF. Although the new neighbours said they were coming early on Monday they still haven't arrived. So you didn't need to get up that early and I could have still been able to get to my BFF for a nice mutual grooming session if only they had said.
Today human arrived early. She is starting to get herself a routine on the days she has to go Molly-sit. We went for a nice wee plod down the bridlepath. My goodness it was windy, I had to tuck my head down to keep going. Luckily human has weight on her side to stop her being blown off. If it was The Grandfoal I had on board I would have been worried.

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