Tuesday, 29 November 2016

On a cold and frosty morning

Human was late today. Humans don't like it when it's cold generally. She came wrapped up like she was heading for a Antarctica, I meanwhile was out in my winter fluff.
Human declined my request to go out for a wee plod. I did however get some yummy breakfast with carrots and apples.
She faffed about a bit then went home.
I'm not going to see much of her tomorrow. She is driving her human colt foal 130 miles to visit his grandma then driving 130 miles home again. The Stallions mum. She is very frail and unwell. It's possibly the last visit the Human Colt Foal will make to see her. Very sad for everyone.


  1. Very sad indeed. Hope your Mum has a safe drive.

    1. Dreadful traffic but pleasant visit. MIL much better than expected, very frail. Added to the physical issues she has advanced dementia and has no clue who any of us are, seems content in her world. Harder for us to see that than it is for her I think. SIL clearly exaggerates somewhat. Pleased we went to visit.