Sunday, 6 November 2016


Well telling human yesterday how much I love her seems to have prompted her to do something nice. She has put some fencing up through what was the boys field so I can get up close and personal with my BFF Red. Wonderful isn't it?

The Stallion came again today. Last night was bonfire night. A time in the UK when they celebrate (not sure that's the right word) Guy Fawkes. He tried to blow up parliament way back in the early 1600's. Bonfire aka Guy Fawkes night involves lots of pretty fire works. There was a big display in the next village I didn't get a great view due to the hedges and where my field is. Lacey and Treacle got a prime view as their field faces the park where the display was. Lucky girls. No we aren't scared of fireworks as long as we have lots of food to munch on.

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