Thursday, 3 November 2016

Molly the wolf

Human was super early today. These days she has to go look after YMF's new wolf Molly. Molly is just a baby and can't be left too long on her own. YMF only works 3 days a week so I get human to myself the other days.
Sometimes human comes before going to see Molly other times after she's been.
Human did the jobs and I came in with her.
We went for a longer plod today which was nice. The weather again was wonderful for this time of year. Now it's getting colder those pesky flies are nowhere to be seen. Hurrah.
When we got back I had some breakfast and went back to my field.
Human set off on her bike to visit Molly the wolf.


  1. Replies
    1. She is lovely, but a real handful. She had a not too good start in life by 17wks old she was already in her 3rd home.