Sunday, 20 November 2016

Meet the neighbours

Meet the neighbours. The little black mare is Ebony, the little coloured gelding is Diddy. They are
very friendly. Diddy is just a baby but it's ok Ebony is taking care of him. Like me her earlier career was making foals. She's not sure what direction she is going to take her career in now.
We are just getting to know each other.
Human was very early today. She was out late last night and looked like it too. I've seen her looking better.
Badger and fox came visiting me last night. I do like to see them.


  1. They look like good neighbors. I think our Merlin would gladly trade Pippin for Ebony. He finds Pippins "youthful ways" annoying lol

    1. I've been playing it very cool with them. I'd soon sort out any youthful ways.