Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Granny to the rescue

 Human arrived with my latest Grandfoal, the colt Grandfoal Kyle. That was a big surprise.
Seems he is unwell, so she had to go and collect him from nursery. He has something called chicken pox, I couldn't see any signs of any poultry anywhere but hey ho. He got wrapped up in a blanket and sat in my field while I had my breakfast.
I wandered off to find some grass while human and Colt Grandfoal did the cleaning. He supervised humans efforts.
Off they went to humans own stable where he crawled onto the dogs bed and fell asleep. Human chucked a blanket over him and left him to it.
He's not very happy at all.
So that'll mean no taking human out this week now.


  1. Grand foals are the best aren't they. Our youngest is 9 months. Loves the Mini's, not real appreciate of Pippins diaper checks however.

    1. Even though my Grandfoals live close by I really don't get to see enough of them.