Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Winston is back

Hurrah I missed the little beastie. No idea where he's been he didn't say. It's nice to have Winston back though. He comes to the café every 2 hours pretty much.
Human came early and was super quick. Woosh. Here and gone. The 4 legged rat catcher Treacle was in the car on her way home from the vets. She had her final checkup. All is well and she doesn't need to go back again. The tumour was non malignant so all good news.
Last night was really busy in the wildlife department. Bodge the badger was around a couple of times and a young male fox with the bushiest tail ever came a-visiting.
Now some sad news. The boys Chief and Rummage are moving **sigh** They are going somewhere where someone else will be looking after them so that their owner has more time to ride. I'm beginning to think it's me. Everyone who comes next to me doesn't stay long. They all have very reasonable reasons for moving on but no one else moves on like the ones next to me do. Perhaps I smell or something.
Human will be quick again tomorrow it's her friends funeral. Hoping thurs we can get out and about.

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