Friday, 28 October 2016


Human arrived with food, hay and a couple of apples. She thought she had hidden the apples in my hay box. Silly human as if I couldn't soon sniff them beauties out.
She asked me to come in with her and I got dressed to take her out. We didn't go far but did go at a smartish pace. Well done human.
When we got back a notice has appeared on the bridleway. It's going to be closed next week for resurfacing. Trouble is that is how human accesses my field. I have to come in and out that way.
Human rang the bridleways people, the woman who is dealing with it is on holiday and will ring my human on Monday. That's no bleeding good woman if human can't get to me to bring me food and check I'm ok.
Heaven help the workmen if they refuse to let human get to me. Watch this space.
Nice to be back to normal, well sort of.

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