Thursday, 20 October 2016

In Mourning

Yep more deaths. My beautiful sister Nancy, she was so beautiful. Such a fabulous mare. She won all sorts of things. Supreme champion at the Royal show among them. She was stunning under harness and a fabulous mum. I'll find some photos of her soon.
My friend the stretch cob. Aka Romany. He lived in Hertfordshire with his human.
And humans friend/neighbour who died last week. He was just a couple of years older than human. That scares me. Human has reassured me that if anything happens to her I will be taken care of. She has made arrangements so that I won't be sold **shudder** on.
My lovely human Stallion isn't well again.
Not a lot of good news going on here today.
I have got human out a couple of times in the last week but have mainly been doing my emotional support stuff in the field with her.

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  1. good thing you're there for your human when she needs you. Condolences for those who've passed, healing vibes for the stallion