Saturday, 17 September 2016

Unwelcome and welcome visitors

Human was early today. Haha she got wet, we all know how humans don't like being wet. Human had come on her bike and it started to rain when she was on her way oops.
SpyCam accidentally got moved yesterday. I accidentally rubbed my rather ample posterior on it. Don't think human was too impressed.
She was even less impressed with the cyclists riding though my field. Bikes are not allowed on public footpaths. They must have carried their bikes over the stile, through the gates and over the kissing gate. Human said she hoped it was hard work.

Karma took it's toll though one of the cyclists lost what looks like their phone it drops from her pocket as she gets off. It wasn't there when human got to the field although SpyCam shows it still there over an hour later.

The good news is Bodge came to visit last night. Human does like to see the badgers. They are always welcome in my field.


  1. Ha, karma it does work! That badger is pretty cool.

    1. Human likes all wildlife but I think the badgers are her favourite. Do you know she has never seen a live one in real life? Only on SpyCam.