Sunday, 18 September 2016

Treacle the Brave & co

It's my Colt Grandfoal Kyles first birthday today. This time last year human broke several speed
limits in her car as she thought he was going to make his entrance into the world in the back of her car. Luckily he didn't.

Human turned up so very very early this morning. It was still dark, well just getting light. She had had to put lights on her bike as it was so dark when she left her human stable.
I came in with her, Lacey and Treacle soon followed.

I was to show them where the bridlepath goes over the road. Now Lacey is a young girl with not much experience of the world. She hasn't been on a busy road before, hence the stupidly early time. The humans thought there wouldn't be so much traffic about at that time in the morning, and there wasn't.
Treacle was feeling very brave, although she isn't a wee young thing, she isn't the most confident of girls. Well today she was. She took over the lead position, striding out, on a mission. We were all so very proud of her. We were all so very proud of Lacey too who handled the whole adventure like a pro.
When we got back I had my breakfast then out to my field.


  1. Happy Birthday to Kyle. They do grow up way to quickly.

    1. Don't they just. Don't think I'll get anymore Grandfoals so will have to enjoy them while they are little.
      Hope all your Grandfoals are well and happy. xx

  2. Replies
    1. Hmmm this Treacle is delicious too but not in an eating way. My humans four legged rat catcher is called Treacle as well.