Saturday, 3 September 2016

Still leaking

She's still leaking. Soggy humans are ok, I do my best to sort her out. We went out today with Lacey and her human. It started raining just as we left, poor human was soggy inside and out. As we know humans don't like getting wet. So we didn't go far, but did have a nice canter on the way home.
Lacey as always was very well behaved for a baby.
Human says next weekend if all is well I need to nanny her as we are going over the road and Lacey hasn't ever been on a busy road.
I suggested we go very early then while the road isn't too busy. Human thought that was a good idea.
It's humans wedding anniversary, apparently this is a very important thing. A day for commiserating how many years her and The Stallion have survived living with one another.
Human was picking blackberries and taking some apples from the tree to bake a pie for The Stallion.

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