Monday, 5 September 2016

Some much needed good news

Human was very late today. The Four Legged Rat Catcher Treacle had to go back to the vet to see if she is ok now she has had surgery. The great news is she is better than they had hoped. So pleased for wee Treacle. I knew her mum, her mum used to share my room at my old home.
When human got home from taking Treacle to the vet YMF was there with the Grandfoals. They are both not well and were on their way to the human vet. Human waited until they got back before coming over to me.
I came straight in with her, my friend Red was getting ready to go out so we joined her on a wee plod. It was lovely out. Summer is coming to an end, even so it was lovely.
When we got back the humans had a cuppa, Red and I got some grub before we went our separate ways to our fields.
It was very late by the time human got home, The Stallion was beginning to wonder where she was. It's ok Stallion she was with me.

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