Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Oops I'm not quite sure what happened today. One minute I'm plodding along being really bothered by flies the next minute I'm flying along with human having lost her stirrups hanging on for dear life.
I **think** I got bitten by something.
I remember standing because there was a dog Orla coming towards me. I've met Orla lots of times and she doesn't bother me nor I her. I remember stamping my feet and human leaning forwards trying to flick flies off where she thought they were, then I just exploded.
Human was unbalanced as she'd been trying to reach the flies and immediately lost her stirrups. She thought we were about to go down the ditch.
Amazingly her voice was very very calm just asking me to walk, I heard her and stopped. She hopped off to check me over, then had to walk some way before she could get back on.
I wasn't happy, the flies were really bothering me and I was all hett up and sweaty. We got home in one piece.
I have to say I'm impressed at human staying on and more impressed with her staying calm. She usually panics when things go wrong.
When we got back human put my anti fly rug on to see if that helped me.
I'm still not sure exactly what happened.

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